Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my cup RUNneth over

So this is week 2 of me seriously working out. I run, yes; I said I RUN! I walk mostly then when a commerical comes on I run until the program comes back on or until I can no longer stand it! So instead a picture of my tired ugly feet I could only find a picture of my sweet angels! I hope to keep this running stuff up-so keep me in your prayers that I can follow through :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Loose Tooth

Maddy came to me this morning and said " MOM-LOOK AT MY TOOTH!" I was thinking okay we just watched the tooth fairy movie a few days ago so she's just saying it's loose. WRONG!!!! My baby's first tooth is loose! She also said "Mom is The Rock going to come to the house and take my tooth?" I said honey if that were the case I would of knocked out all of my teeth A LONG TIME AGO! Ah..... gotta love growing up! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is he truly out there?

Seriously! THIS IS ME!!! Yeah I know look at where I live and yeah there is NO ONE that I could seriously SERIOUSLY date. Yes I have "friends" but the magic is just not there. Am I doomed to be alone for all eternity? UH... I sure hope not but just keep me in your prayers! Maybe Heavenly Father is still working on him (a.k.a: the refiner's fire)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things we've been up to!

Well... since it's been a while since my last post I'll try to catch you up. Maddy is getting ready to go into kindergarten :( BUT is so very excited! This week she has been gone to my sister's house and enjoying the time there very much. What have I done w/o her? NOTHING! except mope and whine about not having her here with me - I miss my little "Copper" so darn much! However w/ that being said - I am going to have a girl's day tomorrow w/ one of my best friends Mandi! We have been wanting to plan one forever and ever and just got the green light and we are excited! We've never been on a "Grown-Up" Girl's Day (Mandi or I). So... all I can say is watch out Springfield here comes frick and frack! LOL BTW... as far as my social life goes :P (this is me sticking out my tongue) it's there ;) A great friend took me out to dinner and a movie and it was really a great time. I hope that this has caught you up now :) Hope all is well w/ you and all will be well with me as soon as Miss. M gets home :) oh and the half hour message tomorrow :)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Good Brownies and Birthdays

Ah.... brownies what can you say about them? I found a great recipe that is actually good for you and not bad tasting either! All you do is take one can of black beans (puree them in your blender) then add the pureed black beans to a bagged brownie mix and cook as directed on package! Nothing to it! I used an off brand of black beans and an Always Save brand of brownie mix. OOH Maddy just loved them! So I think I'll make an extra batch to have on my birthday this weekend w/ Maddy.

We are planning to stay in a hotel in Branson for one night (check in-then go to SDC for a few hours). Then come back from SDC and go swimming-as if we wont get enough water from the rides at SDC & rest up. The 5th my actual birthday we are doing an all day trek at SDC! So be prepared to see us sunburned and cranky on Sunday morning at church-LOL!

Obviously this is the SDC Logo at the SDC Park in Branson-WAHOO CAN'T WAIT TO GO!!!

This is the hotel we are staying at- Maddy says "AWESOME MOM! We can swim like a Dolphins"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Growing Pains

Today is a happy but somewhat sad day. My little nephew (little YEAH RIGHT at 6 ft. 8 in). He took his drivers test today and that is just one more step toward more freedom and growing up

:( I can still remember when I changed his diaper for the first time, helped him ride his bike, you know all the mushy stuff! He's a good young man and I know he will do great things in the future. I am proud of him and love him sooooooooo much!
Nicky Noodle:
Aunt Ty-Ty loves you and is proud of you honey!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow days and frayed nerves!

This is the 3rd day of snow ICK! I fully realize that my daughter loves it and in a some small way so do I BUT enough is enough!
Tomorrow's agenda: Breakfast, put on snow clothes, come in for some hot cocoa, go back out and play some more!
Oh my the fun but ENOUGH OF THE FLIPPN SNOW!!!!